In this webquest you will be answering the question:

Are people essentially evil?

The unit has a strong emphasis on investigating and discussing the philosophical, social and ethical issues of humanity's capacity for evil, and on making judgements about people's behaviours and actions. The unit further challenges you to think creatively, clearly and objectively by addressing your underlying values and beliefs systems to make hard and contentious decisions.

This is an independent unit of study that is wholly student-centred with your teacher acting as facilitator. You are expected to have read Lord of the Flies prior to commencing this unit. You will undertake five tasks both independently and in groups.

To complete the webquest you will use the “stepping stones” to navigate your way through the tasks to answer the essential questions. You have also been provided with the resources to help you explore the ideas behind the novel. You will also find an evaluation page which provides the criteria for assessment.

What you will find by navigating the "stepping stones":

The world of the novel:
• about the book
• the author
• themes
• symbols
• characters
• Introduction to the tasks
• Task 1: Activities on the novel
• Task 2: Good vs Evil
• Task 3: Survival
• Task 4: Desert island
• Task 5: Final judgement
• Evaluation
• Teacher's page
• The VELS Learning focus
• The VELS Assessment of standards
This webquest includes a continous stream of sound effect. If you do not wish to listen to the sound effect, turn the volume on your sound system to “mute”.
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