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1. The duration of the examination is three hours.
2. The examination contributes 50% of the VCE score for English.
3. The examination paper consists of THREE sections as described below.
Section A — Text response

Section A will be worth 40% of the total marks. Students will be required to write one extended response to one text selected for study. There will be two topics for each text. Each topic will enable and require students to address the full range of key knowledge and skills. The choice between topics will enable students to develop their sustained discussion from an initial focus on one of the following aspects of key knowledge for Units 3 and 4, Outcome 1:

• the ideas, characters and themes constructed by the author/director and presented in the selected text; or
• the way the author/director uses structures, features and conventions to construct meaning; or
• the ways in which authors/directors express or imply a point of view and values;
• the ways in which readers' interpretations of text differ and why.

All topics will require student responses to address the full range of key knowledge and skills, and to be supported by detailed analysis and reference to the selected text.

Section B — Writing in Context

Section B will be worth 30% of the total marks. Students will be required to respond to the Context studied throughout Units 3 and 4.

TThe task will require students to write an extended persuasive, expository or imaginative text exploring ideas and using detail from at least one text.

Students will be required to base their writing on unseen stimulus material or prompts associated with the ideas and/or arguments suggested by the Context.

For example:

“We can evade ‘reality’ but we cannot avoid the consequences of doing so.”

Complete an extended written response in expository, imaginative or persuasive style. Your writing must draw directly from at least one selected text for this Context and explore the idea that we can evade ‘reality’ but we cannot avoid the consequences of doing so.

Section C — Analysis of language use

Section C will be worth 30% of the total marks.
The task will contain two compulsory parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

Section C will be based on previously unseen written and visual stimulus material. Part 1 will require students to demonstrate understanding of the stimulus material. Part 2 will require students to analyse the use of written language and visual features in the unseen text(s).

For example:

Part 1

Write a note-form summary of ‘City Life – What’s the Plan for Melbourne?’. Your response must be in note form. Do not use complete sentences.

Part 2

Write a piece of prose that explains how language and visual features have been used to attempt to persuade readers about three of the main points in any of the material. You may choose points in ‘City Life – What’s the Plan for Melbourne?’, or ‘The Word on the Street’ or both.

Past Exam Papers
Past English exam papers can be viewed and downloaded from the VCAA VCE website


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