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Edumail is the Victorian Department of Education’s Email service.

Your school will have to set up your Edumail address.

Once that is done you can access your Edumail messages through a web browser (eg Internet Explorer or Netscape) type in the URL (There is a link from the front of SOFWeb)

The following should appear:

Type in your username (your TO number) followed by you Edumail password…..if you don’t know it check at school! Click on OK.

The following should appear.


To access your Edumail click on

Edumail can also be accessed through your web browser, as above, or by using a Email software program (POP 3 client software) see below.

For information about setting up your Edumail so you can download and read your messages using

  • Outlook Express
  • Eudora Lite or
  • Netscape Messenger

Logon to the Edumail site and click on Software.

The EduMail Software page allows users of the EduMail Service to explore and download documentation and software applications to assist in the use and operation of the EduMail Service. As the technology is continually being updated and enhanced, this site will keep all users updated with new releases, bugs and fixes of all software components supported by the Department of Education.

Original materials prepared by Leigh Emanuelle


Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 State of Victoria (Australia) Department of Education